Family tormented by alarm wedged in the wall

IT'S bad enough hearing your alarm clock go off every morning, but at least you can snooze it.

Can you imagine having to listen to it at the same time every day for 13 years and not have the power to stop it?

One family has been tormented by their alarm clock for decades.

The alarm clock has wedged itself in the wall of Jerry Lynn's "tranquil" home in Ross Township, just north of Pittsburgh, in Pennsylvania.

He told CBS Pittsburgh the reason the alarm clock was in the wall in the first place was his fault.

Back in 2004 he wanted to drill a hole in the wall in the bottom storey of his home for a TV cable.

Not sure where exactly to drill, he had a genius idea to tie his alarm clock to a string and lower it through an air vent on the second storey of his house.

He planned to listen to it ring as it dangled behind the wall and drill the hole.

It was supposed to be simple.

He set the alarm for 10 minutes time and lowered the string but the clock fell into wall oblivion.

"All of I sudden I heard it go thunk as it went loose and I thought 'well that's not a real problem, it's still going to go off and it did," he said.

He couldn't pull the alarm back up as it had detached from the string and he thought he would just put up with the ringing for three or four months before it ran out of battery.

"It is still going off every day. In daylight savings it goes off 10 minutes to eight every night and during regular standard time, 10 minutes to seven," he told CBS.

Mr Lynn's wife said the noise still seemed to shock guests.

"It starts as a soft beep, beep, beep, beep, beep and it gets more louder and closer together and you get people saying 'what is that?'," she said.

Mr Lynn admitted he probably could cut the clock out of the wall but they were so used to it going off it was practically just another home fitting.

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