NEXT GENERATION: Acting Superintendent Pat Swindells with son Scott Swindells at Bundaberg Police Station.
NEXT GENERATION: Acting Superintendent Pat Swindells with son Scott Swindells at Bundaberg Police Station. Paul Donaldson BUN080417POLICE2

FAMILY TRADITION: Meet Bundy's own blue bloods

LIKE any job, policing has its ups and downs, but with the third generation of the Swindells family set to be sworn into the service, there's no doubt this family's focuses is on the positives.

Wide Bay Burnett Acting Superintendent Pat Swindells has just had the opportunity to watch his son, new recruit Scott Swindells, complete station duty in Bundaberg before he graduates from the academy in June.

Act Supt Swindell's father and Scott's grandfather Frank Swindells also served a distinguished career in the QPS, retiring as an Inspector.

Recruit Swindells welcomed the chance to begin his career here in Bundaberg.

"I wanted to get a true sense of what policing was about and apply what I have learnt in the academy to real-life situations," he said.

"I have been exposed to a wide range of jobs while on station duty, from domestic violence incidents, mental health jobs, traffic complaints, community policing and assaults.

"The officers that I have been assigned to have been fantastic role models for showing me how to deal with each of these jobs. I could not have hoped for a better experience or guidance during my station duty."

For Act Supt Swindells, following his father's footsteps into the service was a path he also wanted to take.

"I always wanted to join the water police and I got myself a apprenticeship as an outboard water mechanic with the view of joining the police and going into the water police," he said.

"But as with everything else your career takes different twists and turns and this is where I am.

"Dad was an inspector and his brother retired an assistant commissioner, so it is a family tradition."

Act Supt Swidells said the opportunity to help out and be a part of the community is what attracted all three generations to the job.

"The people you meet are just fantastic," he said.

"Bundaberg is a great town, great people."

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