OPINION: Farmers need the lower fuel cost

 RECORD low oil prices plus a weak Australian dollar equals "above fair" fuel and diesel prices across Central Queensland according to RACQ.

While Rockhampton is fairing with unleaded average of $1.18 per litre, once cent below what RACQ considers a fair price, other parts of the region are eing slapped with steeper mark-ups at the bowser.

Emerald and Blackwater are the most expensive towns to fuel up in according to MotorMouth figures, which prices the towns at $1.32 per litre for petrol, whereas clermont is on average at $1.19 and Moranbah proving to be the cheapest at $1.14 per litre on average.


CQ News reporter Matty Holdsworth shares his thoughts on Central Queenslanders paying higher prices than their eastern counterparts:

THROUGHOUT my time behind the wheel, I have never experienced petrol prices under $1.

Purchasing fuel is the "bane of our driving existence".

Ask anyone - we hate it.

Seeing the dollars rise higher than the number of litres of fuel intake when filling up is painfully hard to watch. It irritates us to no end.

In turn, we are unpleasant to the unlucky shop assistants just doing their jobs.

My Mazda 3 is a hatch and is about $50 to fill up, but some pay over $100.

The thing I do not understand is why there is such a fluctuation in prices between the Central Highlands and places like Rockhampton.

RACQ this week came out with a "fair price" that the average Queenslander should have to pay for petrol.

Their "fair price" was $1.18.

Admittedly, I have only been in Emerald for 10 months, but in that time I cannot recall prices that low.

Emerald's current unleaded price is on average 132.5c, Blackwater 132.9c - and further west, it is even more grim. Blackall and Cunnamulla face $149.4.

Three hours east, Rockhampton and Gladstone enjoy 118.9c. My question is how?

With farmers and many families struggling out here in Central Queensland, a change in petrol prices is something that can be resolved.

Farmers have enough on their plate affording water for their cattle and crops. They should not be forced to pay these absurd prices.

My parents constantly talk about the "good old days" of fuel under that magical dollar and how ludicrous the situation is now.

All I want to see is the fuel intake rise faster than the dollars - is that too much to ask?

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