Calf mauling prompts baiting plea

FOR years wild dogs have caused havoc on Peter and Kaylene Hale's property but when their newest calf was savagely mauled on the weekend, the Maryborough farmers decided enough was enough.

The Hales keep an immaculate property out at Yerra but are surrounded by what Mr Hale described as "dirty land";, the majority of which was Crown owned.

When his animals had been attacked by wild dogs in the past, Mr Hale was told by the council there was nothing they could do as it was the "responsibility of the land owner"; protect the animals from prowling dogs.

But no matter how many fences he erects or how close he keeps new calves to the house, Mr Hale said short of letting his cows "live in the lounge room";, he was powerless.

He said the dogs bred on the "dirty land"; which was not regularly baited or tended to by the government.

"All our country is clean,"; Mr Hale said

"The Crown's land isn't, so wouldn't it be their responsibility as land owners to bait the dogs?";

All of the cows on the Hale's property were named and on Saturday they welcomed a new member to their farming family after their prize heifer Stevie gave birth to a calf.

Sadly the calf was attacked by a wild dog and yesterday succumbed to its injuries.

Furious, Mr Hale and his wife wheeled the dead calf into Maryborough's DERM office looking for answers.

They didn't get any.

Last night, he was still adamant regular baiting was the only answer and the type of bait being used needed to change.

"Anyone who is from the land would know you bait the carcass for the best result,"; Mr Hale said

"But that's against their policy.

"Everything is against their rules and that's why the rules need to change.";

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