George Cameron with the gosling that was rescued after being trapped for six days in the grass chute of a lawnmower.
George Cameron with the gosling that was rescued after being trapped for six days in the grass chute of a lawnmower. Mike Knott

Strange farmyard happenings

NATURALISTS say the animal kingdom is a strange and chaotic place marked by peculiar animal behaviour and inexplicable phenomena.

That's certainly been the case recently, with three examples of strange farmyard happenings surprising landowners in the Bundaberg region.

Retiree George Cameron has named his baby goose Little Miracle after it spent a trying week trapped inside a lawnmower catcher.

He found the six-week-old gosling by chance when he heard a faint squeaking noise coming from the far corner of his shed.

Mr Cameron and his wife Trish had spent a nervous week searching for the gosling around their South Bingera property.

"It was in a sorry state, I can tell you," Mrs Cameron said.

"The poor thing was covered in dirt and muck and it kind of collapsed on to the floor and lay there on its back."

The couple encouraged the badly dehydrated goose to drink and set up a small pen for it in the garage.

"It looks lovely and fluffy now," she said.

"It's been having a few swims in a big water bowl we put out."

Vet nurse Kirsty Woodall did not have high hopes when a tiny little foal was born to her Shetland pony mare, Bonnie, 10 weeks premature.

The foal measured only 45cm high and weighed 6.8kg, about half of the usual size. The young pony struggled to rise to its feet and drifted in and out of consciousness.

But the foal made a full recovery at Vet Cross Gin Gin this week and has been named Cocoa in recognition of her dark brown coat.

"She's absolutely gorgeous," Mrs Woodall said.

"I think she's going to be a bit of a favourite with the kids."

And Rosedale grazier Ninky Miles welcomed a second set of twin calves into her herd a fortnight ago. The rare birth followed another set of twins born on her property in March.

"At first I thought something was wrong because the mother was lying down after she gave birth," Mrs Miles said.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw the second one. It's rare to have one set of twins, but two in the same year is pretty much unheard of."

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