A FATHER and son duo at the centre of one of Queensland’s largest guns busts

VIDEO: CQ father and son walk free after 293 weapons bust

A FATHER and son duo at the centre of one of Queensland's largest guns busts has this afternoon walked free from Rockhampton District Court.

Stephen Noel Collard, 48, and Donald Frederick Collard, 71, were each handed a suspended sentenced after they pleaded guilty to a combined 20 weapons-related charges after police raided the Moonford property, near Monto, in 2013.

Defence lawyer Frank Martin told the court the Collard family had a history with guns and many of the weapons seized in the raid were part of a family collection.

"They have a keen interest in guns and (Stephen) got his first weapon at five-years-old, a .22 bolt action Stirling rifle," Mr Martin said.

"They had a gun room built under the house which had the family collection in it."

Stephen Collard pleaded guilty to 11 supply weapons charges to respected rural practitioner Dr Anthony Dique who was previously sentenced on nine weapons related-charges arising from the same 2013 raid.

Mr Martin said the pair were close friends and transactions were "motivated by good will".

"The defendant supplied the weapons appease Dr Dique's thirst and curiosity," he said.

"They were supplied with no intention to be given money and they were not envisage to be on sold criminals, people doing drug trade or criminal bikie gangs."

Judge Michael Burnett said the weapons were considered to be "grey market".

"In one reference the collection was referred to "as sentimental as a family photo album," Mr Burnett said.

"(The offending was) in a sense of inherit intent, they were not interested with any malicious intent."

Stephen Collard previously pleaded guilty to 11 charges of supply weapons of category R, D, A and H.

Donald Collard pleaded guilty to nine charges including possessing handcuffs, nun chucks, batons, shot guns and rifles and summary charges of failing to properly store weapons.

Stephen Collard was sentenced to three terms of imprisonment of 12 months, fully suspended for an operational period of three years, three months suspended for 18 months and six months suspended for 18 months.

Donald Collard was sentenced to 12 months inprisonment, fully suspended for an operation period of 24 months.

The facts

372 weapons were uncovered at the Moonford property on November 25, 2013, 293 of which were unlawful.

Fully automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, handguns, 11 270 cartridges and more than four tonnes of ammunition were uncovered from a house and railway sheds.

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