Deborah Mailman, centre, pictured with Alicia Gardiner and Lawrence Leung in her Offspring return.
Deborah Mailman, centre, pictured with Alicia Gardiner and Lawrence Leung in her Offspring return. Network Ten

A favourite face returns to Offspring tonight

DEBORAH Mailman celebrates her homecoming on Offspring tonight.

Her character Cherie Butterfield returns after a prolonged absence on the popular Channel 10 drama, which follows the often quirky and chaotic life of obstetrician Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie).

But the Logie Award-winning actor says she was nervous about returning to set after her hiatus.

"I had real nerves coming back," Mailman told APN.

"I remember the first scene we shot was Cherie coming back to St Francis Hospital and on the day I was racked with nerves. It was really unsettling, but all my beautiful gorgeous friends were there and I was like 'ok I'm home now'."

Fans of the show will be waiting to see how Cherie's former flame, Dr Martin Clegg played by fellow Logie-winner Lachy Hulme, will react to her return.

"Cherie comes back thinking she can just slip back into her life at St Francis," she said.

"But Clegg's not so welcoming; he's still heartbroken."

There are a few new faces at the hospital, including Nina's brief and secret love interest Leo Taylor (Patrick Brammall) and the awkward Dr Elvis Kwan (Lawrence Leung).

But Mailman says Cherie will fall right back into step with her long-time friend Nina.

"That's one of the lovely qualities she loves about Cherie; they just know about each other so well. They can call each other's bluff all the time," she said.

"Cherie certainly has a few sharp observations. Everyone is picking up what's going on with Nina and Leo, so she's trying to zone in on that as well as are the other nurses."

Offspring airs tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 10.

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