Feedlot to undergo massive expansion as region booms

A REGIONAL Darling Downs feedlot has been given the green light for a massive expansion that will provide more jobs opportunities and increase its output by 60%.

Western Downs Regional Council announced it had approved an application by Stanbroke to expand its feedlot located on Greenswamp Rd, Chinchilla.

The company expects 15 new jobs will be created through the expansion, increasing the workforce to 63.

Western Downs Regional Council spokesman for the planning and environment portfolio Cr Andrew Smith said the modern new facility had been assessed to meet rigorous environmental standards designed to minimise impacts to the surrounding area.

He said the region was on a development roll, with business and investment occurring in all sectors from energy to agriculture to retail.

"Last meeting we were approving Australia's largest solar farm, and this month sees the significant expansion of a local agri-business.

"It's great to see this type of business confidence and the diversity of opportunities that our region has on offer.

"The benefits of the Stanbroke expansion will be far reaching, beyond the creation of 15 local jobs.

"Developments like this, and the recent Sunpork Piggery expansion, support and value-add to the local supply chain with everything from feed to transport.

"Council is also doing its part to encourage and support a confident market with a streamlined development process and an open-for-business attitude.

"So if you're considering investing in our region, talk to us first."

The expansion will see the feedlot increase the capacity of its existing 25,000 standard cattle unit feed lot by 60% to 40,000.

The feedlot currently has 138 production pens, a feed mill and storage sheds.

Stanbroke will change the stocking density of the existing pens from 15sq m per to 13sq m standard cattle units.

The change in density means an increase in the capacity of the existing feed lot pens to 29,000 SCU.

The applicant will also expand the feedlot by constructing 48 additional production pens allowing for a total capacity of 40,000.

A new animal hospital treatment facility will also be constructed adjacent to the existing pens.

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