Rob Muellner and Sam Eager ready for a workout at Crossfit Vivid.
Rob Muellner and Sam Eager ready for a workout at Crossfit Vivid. Contributed

Fighting fit in the field

PHYSICALLY demanding jobs faced by those serving in emergency services rely on strength, which is why those serving are taking extra steps to ensure that, when it's needed, they have the strength to save a life.

Robert Muellner serves in the emergency services in Emerald and has been doing CrossFit for almost six years to help him remain fit and functional for his family and occupation.

"It is very important to be and stay fit and functional in my line of work,” he said.

"There is never a situation like any other and the body is exposed to different stresses all the time,” he said.

"Regular exercise prepares for these stresses and builds resilience.

"One of the biggest challenges is to deal with the unknown.

"I am confident that my physical capabilities will make the life and death difference in a once in a career event.”

Mr Muellner said his general fitness had drastically improved.

Rather than focusing on one discipline alone like running, both the aerobic and anaerobic systems are challenged and conditioned, along with strength development and flexibility.

The father of two is continuously motivated by his work, as well as his family, to set a healthy example for his children to follow.

"My children are very active and I want to be able to enjoy the most active part of their lives with them,” he said. "I also want to be a role model for them.”

Although it is tough exercise, he said they trained in a fun environment and it did not matter what level each person was at.

"By the end of the day, it is my body and my goals that matter but CrossFit friends will make it more fun to get to those goals,” Mr Muellner said.

CrossFit Vivids' Gayle Kruger said CrossFit was an encouraging community, made up of all ages, from children through to the oldies, and there was now a CrossFit Open Comp with a category for service personnel, military and first responders to challenge themselves against peers.


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