The Blackwater Queensland Fire and Rescue Service team is training for this weekend’s competition.
The Blackwater Queensland Fire and Rescue Service team is training for this weekend’s competition.

Blackwater firies fire up for comp

THE number of accidents on Central Highlands highways is increasing and rescue teams are usually the first on the scene, equipped with skills and the equipment necessary to deliver occupants safely from the wreckage.

The Blackwater Queensland Fire and Rescue Service team is one of those services which assists accident victims on our roads.

This weekend the team will get the chance to showcase its abilities at the State Road Crash Rescue Challenge in Nambour.

The Blackwater team has been training hard for the challenge at the Blackwater station and hopes its efforts will it a place at the top of the ladder.

"(We have been) finalising training and systems for the team to fly out and compete this weekend," team manager Troy Martin said.

"They have been doing mock exercises that may be at the challenge… the challenges that you front up to on the highway."

Troy said the Blackwater crew attended on average two road traffic crashes a week in the area, and the challenges they take part in are a great way for them to train as a team.

Monday's session took them one step closer to the weekend of challenges ahead.

The challenge has been running for 16 years. In this year's competition the teams from around the state will battle it out against each other at the Nambour Showground with a series of tasks, including a controlled exercise, entrapped exercise and an immediate release exercise.

The teams will work against the clock while being assessed on their abilities, technical application and patient care.

Captain of the Blackwater team Brett Truelson said his team mates were prepared for the challenge.

They had very understanding employers who let them take days off for training sessions like Monday's.

"We'd like to thank BMA and Hastings Deering, who continuously release us from work to allow us to do training like this," Brett said.

"We're looking forward to the challenge, we have a change in the team from last year and it will be good for us to use our skills."

Brett said the challenge benefited the wider community.

"It's great for the station in Blackwater, and for the community, who benefit from the training days and challenges."

The crew comprising team captain Brett Truelson, team manager Troy Martin, tool operators Steve Weber, Ray Jackson, Brenden Beadows and Peter Foley alongside paramedic from Queensland Ambulance Service Keara Bacon will compete to take out first place in the challenge.

The winning team will then compete in the Australasian Road Crash Rescue Challenge in Hobart on April 23.

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