Proserpine Motor Lodge was hard hit by Cyclone Debbie.
Proserpine Motor Lodge was hard hit by Cyclone Debbie. Peter Carruthers

OUR FIRST PICTURES: Proserpine pummelled by Debbie

THE monster that was Cyclone Debbie may have passed but the damage she has left behind still remains and Proserpine resident Sarah Storck, was hit hard just like so many others.

"We've been trying to save our two back rooms from flooding," she said.

"And our backyard is an absolute mess."

When light peaked its way through a blanket of clouds, Proserpine residents realised just how much of an impact severe tropical Cyclone Debbie had made.

"There's heaps of powerlines down so people should not be driving anywhere but they are," Ms Storck said.

"There's heaps of trees across the road - big trees too."

Ms Storck said plenty of damage had occurred at the local park, with shade cloths ripped down.

Another sad sight, was that of animals which did not make it through the horror.

"There's dead animals every, lots of little birds," Ms Storck said.

At the moment, the wind has significantly weakened however the rain is still bucketing down creating a fear of flooding among the community.

"There were people walking around but now that it's raining, everyone's gone inside," Ms Storck said.

"I think everyone is still bunkering down."

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