Allan Roden with his 1979 Kombi camper.
Allan Roden with his 1979 Kombi camper. Craig Warhurst

First the Muster, then Oz

“ALLAN Roden, that's Roden without the t,” was how the Volkswagen enthusiast introduced himself at the Muster this week.

And some people would say you need a good sense of humour like Allan's to drive a 1979 Volkswagen Kombi van around Australia.

Most Kombi owners are used to calling RACQ regularly and carry an onboard fire extinguisher for the really bad days, just ask weatherman Grant Denyer from Sunrise – his Kombi broke down on the way to Gympie earlier in the year.

But Allan says his Kombi is different.

He only bought it a year and half ago, off an old couple he knew.

“It only had 38,000km on the clock,” Alan said.

“It was 29 years old, but in great condition,” he said.

Allan set about converting the iconic van into a pop top for his around Australia dream road trip.

He had the van fitted out with a stove, fridge and kitchen sink.

Cupboards and a fold out bed were in installed in the back section of the Kombi and a solar panel rigged up on the roof.

Allan has a roll out awning attached to the side of the Kombi that only takes a couple of minutes to set up and he tows a trailer which holds his boat and push bike.

Allan has ridden his bike to Cape Tribulation for the last six years running after catching the train as far as he could north.

This year the kombi is going as well.

The Volkswagen fan moved to Australia 28 years ago.

He is originally from the midlands of England, a place called Rugby, the same place the game they play in heaven was born.

For the next couple of weeks Allan and his Kombi will parked up in the Amamoor Creek State Forest taking in some of the best Music in the country and having a damn good time with all his new friends.

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