Snake slithers into Emerald home.
Snake slithers into Emerald home. Max Fleet

Five-foot brown slithers inside Emerald home

THIRTEEN-year-old Jimmy got the fright of his life when he spotted a five-foot brown snake slithering into his home.

Jimmy, his mother Karen and his grandparents Lorraine and Mark Ramsay were relaxing in their Mayfair home on Tuesday, when the snake made its way through the back door.

But the snake's visit wasn't unexpected, according to Karen - another snake was spotted in the yard on Sunday.

"I have complained to the council about the block of land next door for the last three months," Karen said.

"The grass is long and there is so much rubbish through there.

"We have a mouse plague at the moment and so does the next door neighbour.

"Where there's mice, there's snakes."

Karen and her husband have been battling with the council to get the block cleaned up, with no luck.

"They said we are not allowed onto the block to mow it or anything because that is trespassing and we will get a fine," Karen said.

"We have explained to them that we have mouse after mouse after mouse, but still nothing is done.

"I rang them today and said, listen, you really have to do something because we just killed a brown snake, and it was feisty, it was going for us."

Karen said the family tried to move the snake outside, but it wouldn't budge.

"I know they are a protected species, but when they are coming at you in your home - what am I supposed to do? Say shoo?," she said.

"When they are in my house, having a go at my family, they are not protected.

"There were kids in the house earlier - something needs to be done.

"What does it take for them (council) to do something about it?" Karen said.

"Someone to get bitten?

"We are just worried about the kids going outside and the neighbourhood kids who ride their bikes through the grass.

"We want people to know they are out and about."

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