Five great videos that deserved to go viral

A GREAT video can travel far in the online world.

This weekend UK social media site, ViralvideosUK, shared a clip of Tannum Sands man Chris Faux catching a mud crab with his hands.

We've put together five other great videos that have already gone viral.

1. Boxing kangaroos


Only in Australia, On the way home from the pub. Skip to 3:30 they run into dads work car and keep going haha Brett Turner

Posted by Quinton Turner on Sunday, 27 September 2015


This video gets the first mention, since it happened in our backyard.

Quinton Turner was on his way home from the Miriam Vale Pub when he and his father Brett had to stop because for two kangaroos that were fighting on the road. He filmed the fight and shared it online.

Within three days it had more than 550,000 views on Facebook and he was getting friend requests from people around the world. Now it has more than six million views.

2. 23-year-old dances with his great grandmother

Asked nanny for a dance she can't remember much but she still knows how to move 󾆶󾆶󾌵Ashleigh Stoneman Benita Burland Urshula Burland David Grace Hugh Grace

Posted by Jarryd Stoneman on Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This touching video of a 23-year-old dancing with his great-grandmother has been viewed by more than seven million people.

Jarryd Stoneman filmed the moment he asked his 93-year-old nana, Katie Thomas, for a dance.

Stoneman shared it with five members of his family on Facebook, saying: "Asked nanny for a dance, she can't remember much but she still knows how to move."

The footage shows the two dancing to 7 Years by Lukas Graham. At one point, Stoneman pauses to kiss his great-grandmother on the cheek and the top of the head.


3. Dad's dance bomb

Dancing dad Mike Jones knows how to whip and nae-nae.

He managed to outshine two teenaged daughters,  while they worked the camera to the Silento track. 

His sneaky recital was caught only when his pop proved too powerful for the teen dancers to ignore.

This groovy video has had more than 17 millions views.

4. Woman disappears on live television

It started as a usual TV interview - but it turned into something much more when something very strange happened.

Filmed for a Norwegian TV sports show, the clip shows two women in the background talking and collecting their luggage.

But when one woman walks off with a trolley full of luggage, the other seems to disappear completely.

Whatever the reason, the video has quickly gone viral with more than 3.5 million views in just 24 hours.

5. Slip and Bleed Aussie Day slide

Cooking some snags on the barbie and enjoying a home made slip and slide sounds like a typical Australia Day, right?

Well Queenslander Kirsty McKavanagh proved her slide, dubbed the Slip and Bleed is far better than any others.

A video of a man named Daz soaping up the slide on their family farm and slipping down the hillside was shared to her Facebook page.

The video had more than three million views.

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