Airline will no longer fly between Mackay and Sydney

UPDATE: Mackay Airport general manager Rob Porter said it was disappointing to hear the news from Virgin Australia that they would cease operation of their Mackay - Sydney service.

"Virgin Australia is a key long term airline partner for Mackay Airport," Mr Porter said.

"Many people living in the Mackay region have enjoyed the convenience of their Sydney service over the years.

Mr Porter said the airline's Brisbane - Mackay route would be here to stay.

"At its peak Virgin flew the Sydney - Mackay route daily and it is currently scheduled to run four times per week, with Virgin managing the service in recent months to concentrate load factors across even less rotations," he said.

"Despite this current passenger numbers have proven too low.

"As the local market conditions improve in the future, Mackay Airport will remain in close contact with Virgin and all our airline partners to explore new opportunities to service the Sydney - Mackay route and other direct links to Mackay."

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EARLIER: Virgin Airlines is terminating direct flights from Mackay to Sydney from January 1, 2017.

In a statement, a Virgin Airlines spokesperson said the service have been cancelled due to reduced demand,

"Due to reduced demand, Virgin Australia will cease direct services between Sydney and Mackay from 1 January 2017," the spokesperson said.

"Guests will be able to travel between Mackay and Sydney via Brisbane.

"All affected guests will be provided with an updated itinerary. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause."

In 2011, Virgin Airlines introduced flights direct to Sydney from Mackay including business class and built a new lounge due to increase demand.

It's the only airline that offers a direct route between Mackay and Sydney.

Mackay Tourism general manager Tasmond Webber wanted to hold off on commenting on the decision until he had more details

Mackay Airport has been approached for comment.


Jillaine N Ross Tass: What. They got rid of the Mackay to Gold Coast. Melbourne as well. Now Sydney sounds like Mackay is going backwards.. Be living in the dark ages soon.. . Will only be able to get chartered flights soon. What is wrong with this place. We will lose our economy soon people will start flying straight over Mackay.  

Anna Dutton: They cancelled my direct flight a month ago so was useless anyway luckily i could get on an earlier flight which had to stop in Brisbane to still make it in time for what i was going to Sydney for !  

Kellie George: They canned Melbourne and now they can Sydney. Soon George will put up a wall.  

Bek Pace: Really!!! We only used this service for the first time the other week and it was fabulous...was going to go that way to Melbourne instead of Brissy.

Travis Vail: Seems prossy has all the flights now and so much cheaper to fly from than Mackay.  

Yvonne Kalb Hollier: Noooooooooo, have booked Mackay to Sydney for cruise, now will have to rebook a day earlier  

Nerida Ferrington: This is crazy. This is the only flight i use bugger going to Brisbane.  

Kylie Keogh: Wendy Keogh what a joke!! Have never seen any spare seats on my flights. 

Jennifer Milton: What a shame. Why not do it 2 or 3 times a week rather than canning it altogether ?  

Fleur Walker: Pathetic, like stopping the Mackay to GC. Might as well put a 6 foot fence up too.  

Beryl Wiezel: Crazy. Every time I've used this service it has been full.  

Leah Bennett: Why?! This is the quickest & cheapest way to get there!  What a joke.   

Kathryn Smith: My god soon we will have no planes.   

Amanda Wright: Lucky Proserpine isn't that far away.  

Victoria Egart: Ridiculous i think  

Meggs Weissman: Oh no!    

Alecia-Beth Elsing: Looks like it will be flights from Proserpine from now on.

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