Mayor Kerry Hayes
Mayor Kerry Hayes

Flood mitigation will continue

ALTHOUGH the Emerald levee scheme was taken off the table this week, residents impacted by flooding have been assured the decision is just the beginning of flood mitigation for the town.

After the announcement to forego the levee scheme was made, Mayor Kerry Hayes said "we were looking for a solution, so we've not taken away or not added something that we didn't have.”

"This is about saying we share the same concern (as those residents), the project and the process has always been about providing the best level of security and safety,” he said.

"But it has always been tempered by the fact that we look at all the options and then we look at what we can practically and sensibly achieve.

"We've looked at the levee option, and diligently, it wasn't dismissed out of hand.

"It was something that was assessed very clearly, very clinically, very dispassionately.

"Our job now is to say, look, we can't achieve that so what can we achieve?”

Since 2010, the council has completed and sponsored a number of flood mitigation projects to the value of $7.3million.

The works include enlarging the Queensland Rail bridge opening by 62.5 square metres on the western side of the Nogoa River and tree thinning at multiple sites within the Nogoa River.

It has also supported the desilting and reinstatement of Left Nogoa One (LN1) drain profile from Hogan's Road to Tysons Road to its original 10% Annual Exceedence Probability design by SunWater.

Council will continue its endeavour of flood mitigation for the community through projects, including raising of the Vince Lester Bridge which would result in preventing approximately 390 previously inundated buildings from experiencing over-the-floor flooding.

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