One year on, Beryl proudly displays her Christmas figurine village. Photo: Simon Green
One year on, Beryl proudly displays her Christmas figurine village. Photo: Simon Green

Beryl won't budge despite flood

IN 2008, the floodwater only came halfway up my driveway.

I think there were only four houses that got flooded in 2008 but unfortunately last time, we all got it.

Everyone on Kidd St lost everything, as far as I know.

I think we all had about a metre of water.

All the furniture I had left was a table and my six chairs.

All the covers of my late husband's vintage record collection are gone and they're all packed away.

I haven't looked at them since so I don't know what they're like.

They were in a box. I still get upset

Everything else was gone. I had insurance and I was given a brand new lounge.

You go to look for something and you think, 'oh, I haven't got that anymore'.

Just even simple things like my address book for Christmas cards - I can't send Christmas cards until I get them now because I don't know anyone's address.

It makes it a bit hard.

But people were very, very kind. I could never thank the people of Emerald enough, and also organisations like the Neighbourhood Centre and my good friends.

I've got some beautiful friends in Emerald.

I don't know what they would think but the thing is this - if it happens again, I will face it again and I will go through it again because I don't want to leave Kidd St.

I will just get on with life again, but next time I will be a lot wiser.

We all stuck together here in Kidd St - it's a great place to live, it really is.

I have good days, bad days, but I think we all do that.

You cry a lot, but you face it and keep going.

- Beryl Callaghan

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