Bundamba Flood Group organiser Dianne Dimitrov, with husband Van Dimitrov and group secretary Erin Cook, are demanding dam levels be reduced.
Bundamba Flood Group organiser Dianne Dimitrov, with husband Van Dimitrov and group secretary Erin Cook, are demanding dam levels be reduced. Rob Williams

Flood victims to march at dam

IPSWICH flood victims say they will lead a protest march across Wivenhoe Dam to force action over what they believe are unsafe dam levels.

Bundamba Flood Group president Dianne Dimitrov said the State Government is failing flood victims, who live in constant fear of a repeat of January's natural disaster.

Mrs Dimitrov said it was incredible that the government hasn't already begun to drop water levels after the latest predictions of another big wet this summer.

"We're not saying drop the dams down so we can't survive, we are just saying drop each dam to 75% now," Mrs Dimitrov said.

"We can't determine what the weather will do but we are wearing the consequences because the government want to play God and make their own decisions with our lives.

"If they think it can't happen again, they're kidding themselves.

"Nobody is taking my home again and if it means going down the river with it to make a mark I will do it."

Mrs Dimitrov said she is prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure victims' voices are heard.

"I believe there is going to be thousands of people walking over the dam," she said.

"Every flood victim and their family and people that donated to the flood appeal will come.

"I'm willing to get arrested if that's what it takes."

State Minister for Natural Resources Rachel Nolan yesterday told State Parliament a decision on dam levels was imminent.

"I am seeking expert advice regarding a temporary reduction in the full supply level of Wivenhoe," Ms Nolan said.

"I will rely on this professional advice, which I have requested within two weeks, to set the dam levels for the upcoming wet season. This is no time for rash decisions and exploitation of people's fears.

"If we are advised to lower the dams we will lower them immediately. We will do the reasonable and responsible thing."

Mrs Dimitrov said she was pleased with the announcement but unless all dams were addressed the risks remained.

"Ms Nolan is only talking about Wivenhoe, what about Somerset? It flows into Wivenhoe," she said.

"We won't feel safe until all the dam levels are reduced."

Liberal National Party leader Campbell Newman yesterday said he was in favour of an immediate reduction of existing dam levels.

"Our belief is (that) the prudent, sensible thing to do is run the dams down to around 75% prior to Christmas," Mr Newman said.

"We think that's a prudent thing when so many people have been traumatised by this across the Brisbane area.

"I'm not being alarmist, but we have considered what the BoM (Bureau of Meteorology) have said and we are making our call. That is what we would be doing if we were in government."

Mrs Dimitrov called on flood victims to join her and make sure their voices were heard.

"Come and march on the dam to save your life and to save your home," she said.

Details for the march are still being finalised. More details will be available in the Queensland Times and on the group's "Lower the dams", Facebook page.

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