Focus on one goal and build

MOVING UP: Change can be a challenging process and it is natural to have setbacks. Don't get discouraged, use them as an opportunity to learn.
MOVING UP: Change can be a challenging process and it is natural to have setbacks. Don't get discouraged, use them as an opportunity to learn. lzf

MOST of us are working towards one goal or more.

Perhaps you aim to lose a few kilos, run five kilometres, or to have more energy to play with your kids.

Motivation starts high; however, sticking to these goals is not always easy.

Temptation sets in, life gets in the way and, before we know it, we are back to square one, a little worse for wear.

So what can we do to help ensure we stick to our new goals?

When working towards a new goal, keep perspective.

We often compare ourselves to seasoned professionals or people in the media, and they may seem to have it all together.

Do not forget that these individuals experience setbacks just like you and I - of course, these photos don't end up on social media!

We are all individuals, experiencing unique challenges.

As the saying goes, you cannot compare your chapter one with someone else's chapter 20.

Remember that success won't happen overnight and that behind all spectacular achievements there is a whole lot of unspectacular preparation.

Celebrate the small wins!

Start small - even if you have a handful of things you would like to improve on, focus on just one and build from there.

Making too many changes at once may be easy at first when the motivation is high, but it can become overwhelming after a while.

It may take longer, but slow and steady really does win the race in the long term.

There will never be a perfect moment in life where making progress will be easier.

It's nice to start on a Monday, the start of the month, the start of the school term or the New Year - but the reality is, that you can start making progress now.

Know your why and remember the big picture.

Why is this goal important to you?

How will life be better after you achieve this goal?

Keep these answers at the forefront of your mind for when the going gets tough.

Change can be a challenging, long process, and it is completely natural to have setbacks along the way.

Don't get discouraged by these.

Use them as an opportunity to learn.

By applying the above strategies we are more likely to achieve these goals and stick to them.

What goal could you set today to work towards living a healthier, happier life?

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