Bruklan was injured in a two-vehicle crash on Thursday. Photo: Facebook.
Bruklan was injured in a two-vehicle crash on Thursday. Photo: Facebook.

Donations flow for teen who had arm amputated

UPDATE 1.30PM: ALMOST $5,500 has been raised in just 24 hours to support the ongoing care of Peak Crossing teen Bruklan Marshall.

The 18-year-old was placed in an induced coma and had part of his arm amputated after his ute collided with a truck on Thursday.

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Yesterday afternoon Bruklan's mother and step-father Tracey and Darren Ashworth set up an online fundraising page.

"This MyCause fundraising page has been setup to assist Bruklan 'Brock' Marshall and the family for ongoing care and a future prosthetic arm," Mr Ashworth said.

"Friends and family have asked to be able to assist from all over the world so now they can."

To donate, visit the MyCause page here.

Bruklan was a talented football player.
Bruklan was a talented football player.

EARLIER: A TALENTED young football player found out he was selected to represent Ipswich shortly before being seriously injured in a horror crash.

Identified as one of the Fassifern Bombers rising stars in the Under 19s competition this year, Bruklan was selected in the Ipswich Diggers junior representative side.

The Diggers take on representative teams from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with players selected from the carnival to be part of the south-east Queensland squad.

Bruklan, known as Brock or BJ by his friends, was placed in an induced coma and had part of his arm amputated after his ute collided with a truck, on Thursday.

His family took to social media again yesterday to update the community on Bruklan's progress.

"Last night BJ continued to awaken from the induced coma and this morning started to react to stimulus and move his head, legs and (right) shoulder which indicates he may not have nerve damage or paralysis in those limbs," his step father Darren Ashworth wrote. 

The 18-year-old's mother Tracey Ashworth said football was her son's "whole life".

UPDATE: Injured teen's family 'overwhelmed' by support

Sending their well wishes to Bruklan and his family, Fassifern Bombers president Kent West said the club would rally behind the young football player.

"I rang the family on Friday morning just to let them know that everyone at the club were all thinking of him at this time," Mr West said.

"We wish the family all the best and we'll just have to wait and see what we can do for them."

Some of the club's members will only find out of the incident when they return to training tonight after the Easter break.

The Bombers are known as a close-knit family of players, coaches, volunteers and committee members and say they are ready to lend their support in any way possible.

"We've got a committee meeting (tonight)," Mr West said.

"It's too early to say what we'll do as a club but we'll be looking into ways we can help out.

"I'm sure the family want some privacy. It's times like these where you don't want 20 people turning up at the hospital."

Donations can be made to the family through an online fundraising page, which has already received $5224 in less than 24 hours.

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