Former Coast chef’s head beaten in with spirit level: court

FORMER Sunshine Coast chef Peter Milos spent his final day watching YouTube rap battles and getting high before a friend allegedly bashed his head in with a spirit level and hammer, a court has heard.

James Thomas Howell has pleaded not guilty in Brisbane Supreme Court to Mr Milos's murder in an inner-east Brisbane suburb.

The court heard Mr Milos's body was found in a study he was staying in on May 6, 2014. Police believe he died on May 4.

Mr Milos was found with multiple cuts to his head and skull fractures and a bloody spirit level was found near his body.

The court heard a circular fracture on Mr Milos's skull matched the type of injury a hammer would cause. Police were unable to find a hammer.

Mr Milos was a drug user and his blood contained high levels of methylamphetamine. The court heard he had been using heavily in the week leading up to his death.

DNA on four cigarettes found and a cannabis pipe found inside the room matched Mr Howell.

Mr Milos sent Mr Howell a text message saying "just open garage door". The court heard Mr Milos had seven phones and this number was not saved on Mr Howell's phone.

The court heard Morningside train station and KFC CCTV footage captured Mr Howell, wearing distinctive clothes and carrying a bag, walking towards Mr Milos's home and 90 minutes later walking into KFC. There he went to the bathroom before buying food.

When police interviewed Mr Howell he denied having seen Mr Milos that day and couldn't account for the 90 minutes between walking past KFC and returning to buy food.

The bag was found to have Mr Milos's blood on it but police could not find the clothes seen in the CCTV.

Defence lawyer Dennis Lynch told the court just because Mr Howell may have been with Mr Milos but denied it to police did not mean he was guilty of murder.

"Someone is not guilty of murder simply by where they might have been," he said.

The trial is expected to continue for seven days. - ARM NEWSDESK

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