Three former housemates share the dock on drug charges

THREE drug-dependent former housemates found themselves sharing a dock in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday.

Joseph Paul Bygrave, 38, and Deborah Maree Tinworth, 24, were a couple at the time their new flatmate Gregory Shaun Douglas, 30, led police toward their Calumvale home during in a high-speed pursuit in October 2014.

Police found 85.238g methylamphetamine with 64.8% purity and 18 high-potency hallucinogen tablets similar to LSD in its effects in a bag at the home the trio shared.

Officers also found a small amount of marijuana and $28,300 cash under a doona in the bedroom of the couple, who both have Ipswich ties.

Justice John Bond said Tinworth knew the drugs inside the bag were for commercial exploitation but Bygrave, whose mere presence led to a joint possession charge, did not.

He said text messages revealed Bygrave had sold marijuana in the days before the search and Tinworth had sold methylamphetamine in exchange for a camera.

Douglas admitted he had run a business enterprise, with a $10,000 to $15,000 cash flow for eight weeks, selling methylamphetamine to six or seven regular customers.

Justice Bond said Douglas and Bygrave were on parole when they committed their respective offences and Tinworth was on bail for some of her offences.

He said all three had significant drug addictions.

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy described Bygrave as a recidivist drug offender who had ignored previous court attempts to break his drug world involvement.

He said Bygrave was sentenced in 2009 to eight years in jail which included breaking into 23 homes to steal property, and receiving goods from 14 other homes, totalling $173,000.

Bygrave has previously been dubbed the Spiderman thief for burglaries at high rises on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts but most of the 2009 offences happened around his home town of Ipswich.

This time, he was sentenced to eight months jail that will begin after he finishes his eight-year sentence. But he will be eligible to apply for parole on August 17.

Tinworth was sentenced to three years jail but was released immediately, having already served about 11 months behind bars.

Douglas must serve 80% of a three year and seven month jail term. - ARM NEWSDESK

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