Shot joey koala remains critical

FRODO the joey koala remains in a critical condition after vets were able to remove four more pellets from her body on Monday.

The koala was found with 15 shots to her body and lying next to her dead mother near Kenilworth on Friday.

Staff at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital have now removed a total of seven pellets. Frodo remains on intravenous antibiotics, fluids and strong pain relief.

Due to overwhelming public concern, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors have set up an Everyday Hero page for Frodo and others like her in care at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. To help Frodo please donate here

Baby koala shot 15 times

STAFF at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital are working around-the-clock to save the life of a baby koala seriously injured in a shooting near Kenilworth on Friday.

Locals found the joey lying next to its mother, who had apparently died from gunshot wounds.

The youngster was rushed to the wildlife hospital at Beerwah, where veterinarian Dr Amber Gillett found she had suffered a fractured skull and significant damage to her stomach and intestines.

“X-rays have revealed approximately 15 pellets scattered throughout her body,” Dr Gillett said.

“Due to significant internal blood loss associated with her injuries she required an immediate blood transfusion and was prepared for surgery to repair the perforations to her stomach and intestines.

“We were able to repair all of her intestinal injuries and so far have removed three pellets, one of which was located in the skull.”

Staff at the hospital have named the young koala Frodo, after the character in the Lord of the Rings movies, and believe she is aged 14-16 months.

“Once Frodo’s condition stabilises, further surgery will be scheduled to attempt to remove remaining pellets and repair the associated damage,” Dr Gillett said.

“She is currently receiving intravenous antibiotics, fluids and strong pain relief.

“Her condition is extremely critical and will require intensive monitoring and care in the coming days.”

Dr Gillett said staff at the wildlife hospital were stunned to see this kind of animal cruelty.

“We cannot begin to fathom why somebody would want to shoot a koala that poses no threat to them.

“Koala populations are already in serious decline and incidents such as these add unnecessary pressure to a species already struggling to survive.”

Queensland Climate Change and Sustainability Minister, Kate Jones, yesterday described Frodo’s shooting as “sick and cruel”.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this cruelty and hope the young koala can recover,” she said.

The penalty for deliberately shooting a koala is a $225,000 or two years imprisonment.

For all wildlife emergencies on the Sunshine Coast, call the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital emergency hotline – 1300-369652.

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