SENEPOL BULL SALE: Vendor Colin Godfrey with son Blair.
SENEPOL BULL SALE: Vendor Colin Godfrey with son Blair. Jessica Dorey

From Casino to CQ: Emerald bull sales

IT'S A long journey north for vendor Colin Godfrey and his son Blair to sell their bulls at Emerald.

The Senepol bull breeders have travelled from their cattle farm, Namoona Trig in Casino, nearly every year since 2011.

The Tropical Invitational Senepol Bull Sale, the vendor's second combined sale, was held on Tuesday.

The sale consisted of 74 Senepol Australian registered bulls from six different vendors.

Showing 27 lots in the sale, Colin Godfrey took out two of the top prices for the day.

However, for a time when cattle and bull prices are at their peak, the purchase amount fell short of expectation.

"Although we got two of the top prices,” said Colin.

"We were expecting more considering the current market position.”

Although sale prices were not at their highest, the sale did demonstrate a bigger demand for Senepol bulls with more people attending than last year.

To reach Emerald, the bulls travel over 20 hours with one stop over.

Although it's a long way to travel to sell bulls, Colin said that it's the bigger market in Queensland that keeps them coming back.

"New South Wales has a comparatively small market compared to Queensland.”

"Senepols are also bred for the conditions in this region.”

After developing an interest in Senepols in the late 1990's Colin and his family purchased a property in 2005.

The property is based in a sub tropical, sub coastal location which is ideal ideal for breading Senepols.

Bred on 2950 acres of farmland Colin said the bulls from Namoona Trig have a long list of fantastic attributes.

"They put meat and muscle on quickly and have slick coats and a quiet temperament.”

The cattle farm is a family business with son Blair making the journey to Central Queensland with his father to sell bulls.

Demonstrating multitasking at it's finest, Blair juggles both study and work as well as attending most bull sales.

Perusing a career in Civil Engineering, Blair splits his time between working in Meandu Mine in Kingaroy and living on the farm at Casino.

Blair said that although he is studying Civil Engineering he dreams of one day returning to farm life full time.

"I grew up on a farm, I love the lifestyle and enjoy doing it,” said Blair.

"I decided to study Civil Engineering to make sure I have enough money behind me but that's with the goal of returning to work on the farm later in life.”

It's this family dedication that shows through the bulls.

"If you do a good job with the bulls and farmers see the results, people come back to buy from you,” Blair said.

"It's great to see that we have people coming back throughout the years to buy from us.”

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