ALWAYS HAPPY: Kym shows her fun side at son John’s wedding.
ALWAYS HAPPY: Kym shows her fun side at son John’s wedding.

Tribute to loving mum Kym Rummeny

BEFORE the first of their four children was born, Harold Rummeny finally convinced his wife Kym to join him on the boat fishing on the Elliot River.

"Kym said she'd come with me," an emotional Harold recalled.

"We went out to the mouth and it got a bit rough so we turned around and came back to the river. We'd nearly capsized.

"I hooked a really nice fish and it was fighting."

It was a big barramundi and Harold had trouble landing it, calling on his devoted wife to help.

"I told her, 'get the scoop, you've got to get this fish!'

"She came over to the side and the boat tipped.

"Well, that was nearly the end of all of us."

Despite the struggle, they landed the barra and Harold still rates the fish as one of his biggest.

But that fish doesn't compare to the catch of his life - the woman he married in Ayr in 1977 and who would stay by his side as the Rummeny family grew.

Eldest son Nathan fondly recalled watching murder mystery television shows with his amateur detective mother.

"We always had the same taste in TV shows," he said.

"We'd sit there working out who did it, making guesses throughout the whole episode.

"Mum was too smart," he said, adding she was often right on the money.

Nathan said his mum was also fascinated by Egypt.

"But she would never travel, never leave us unless we were all together," youngest son John recalled. "If she was going (to travel), she wanted the whole family to go with her."

Kym and Harold moved to Emerald with their four kids - Nathan, Shaun, Nicole and John - 14 years ago and quickly became a welcome part of the community.

"She had a real passion for people," Harold said. "She's got friends I don't know.

"She would do anything for anyone. She always had a smile for everyone, and was always happy."

Except for when John, at a youthful 18 years old, decided to get a tattoo.

What terrified him at the time is now a tender memory as he recalled the way Kym discovered the tribal band tattoo on his right arm.

"I went to the doctor and they made me take my shirt off," he said.

"Mum was there, but I just kept my head down and didn't look at her."

But nothing escaped the Rummeny matriarch, and she soon quizzed her son.

"She asked me, 'Why didn't you tell me?' and I said, 'Because you told me you'd cut it off in the most painful way possible with a laser'," John recalled with a bittersweet smile.

Kym was tragically killed in a car crash 8km west of Duaringa last Wednesday afternoon.

Her funeral will be held at the Uniting Church tomorrow from 10am. All are welcome.

A wake will follow at the Capricornian after the funeral.

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