Eric Hofmeister (left) and Luke Murray (right) are getting married this weekend on the shores of Lake Leslie.
Eric Hofmeister (left) and Luke Murray (right) are getting married this weekend on the shores of Lake Leslie. Contributed

Gay couple to wed at Leslie Dam this weekend

AS THE same-sex marriage debate rages on across the nation's living rooms, in parliament, and online, Luke Murray and Eric Hofmeister are getting a move on.

The Brisbane couple is getting married this weekend in front of more than 140 family and friends at a "DIY" ceremony on the shores of Lake Leslie, 20km west of Warwick. 

"Everything is getting conducted as it would be normally... it's being performed like a wedding, and we have a friend who is conducting the ceremony," Mr Murray said. 

"If (same-sex marriage laws) had passed prior to this, we would have got him certified. Unfortunately, no laws have changed." 

The couple, who celebrate their third anniversary today, see it as an inevitability that same-sex marriage will become law. 

"Eric and I live like any other normal couple. At the moment it's just a legal piece of paper, that's all that's missing," Mr Murray said. 

Mr Hofmeister said advertising being run by the ''No'' campaign in the same-sex marriage debate could definitely affect people by causing "a lot of unnecessary hurt".

"I think what it comes down to is it's not a religious debate. People need to get their head out of it," he said. 

"The country will eventually get there, it's just a question of when. It could be this year, it could be in five years time, but it doesn't change anything for Eric and I," Mr Murray said. 

The couple said the amount of support they had received from loved ones - who will fly in from all over the globe to be with them on their big day - was very special. 

Using supplies from businesses in Warwick for their wedding, Mr Hofmeister said he wanted to thank the community "for being so warm and welcoming towards us", making special mention of Caroline and Adam Bennett at the Lake Leslie Tourist Park, where the couple's reception will be held.

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