THE WHEEL DEAL: Georgi Mc Dowall has her pizza recipe published in a cookbook.
THE WHEEL DEAL: Georgi Mc Dowall has her pizza recipe published in a cookbook. Di Stanley

Emerald school girl Georgi tastes success

EMERALD North schoolgirl Georgi McDowall might be missing her two front teeth, but nothing will stop her taking a bite out of foodie fame.

Georgi, 7, and her prosciutto mozzarella pizza are featured in Cookbook by Jane Harbison and 12 Awesome Girls, an initiative that allows all participants to share in the profits.

Brisbane accountant and children's gift designer Jane Harbison is the brains behind the cookbook and the blog page Dreaming big for little Girls where children under 15 are invited to be guest contributors.

"Georgi is very energetic and she's a sweetie," Jane said, laughing. "She's a crazy, wild little thing.

"At the beginning of the year we ran a competition and asked girls aged under 15 to enter their favourite recipe and I had Brisbane chef Allison Alexander to assist with the selection of 12 recipes.

"We crowd-funded the cookbook for the process to print it and then we've developed a profit-share program where the girls can earn $3 for every cookbook they sell and we're taking stories about their experiences with that."

Georgi began to cook last year and she has mastered the art of kneading pizza dough and topping it with that fancy ham and cheese.

"It's my favourite pizza," the vibrant Year 2 student said.

"I make it quite often for dinner, and I have cooked bread with my mum before.

"I like pizza because it is yummy."

And her favourite part of making pizza?

"Eating it!"

Mum Rachel McDowall reckons she has a real foodie family and Georgi's achievements are "pretty cool".

"She does have personality, I'll give her that," Rachel said.

"She already knows what she is going to do with the money - she wants to give it to Our Rainbow House, put some in the bank and spend some on horses."

Jane said the cookbook idea came after a year of designing gifts for girls.

"Growing up in rural Australia myself, it is wonderful to give girls like Georgi this opportunity," she said.

"We value quiet confidence in young girls, and confidence, we feel, is gained in large party by doing things."

Georgi and her mum will be selling the cookbook at the August 2 Lions markets in Emerald.

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