Toni McHugh
Toni McHugh

Gerard Baden-Clay mistress 'Monica Lewinsky' of Oz

THE mistress of convicted wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay says she's become Australia's Monica Lewinsky and plans to write a tell-all book about her experiences.

Toni McHugh has compared herself with the former White House intern with whom  former US president Bill Clinton belatedly admitted having an affair.

In what is believed to be another paid interview, this time with The Australian Women's Weekly, Ms McHugh says she is still 'coping with the damage, emotionally and financially of the fallout from her long-term affair with Baden-Clay.

"I lost my job, which I loved, and which I was good at. And sometimes I feel like I'm Australia's Monica Lewinsky - like, what man is ever going to want to come near me? So I have suffered, too."

Ms McHugh says that she feels no responsibility for what happened to Allison.

Nor does she feel responsible for how awful Allison was made to feel in her marriage: unloved, and unwanted by Gerard, who preferred advertising himself on sex websites, and sneaking around with mistresses, to making love with his own wife.

"I can't be held personally responsible," she says, in her interview. "If it wasn't me, it would have been another woman."

She says her children left home to live with their father. 

"I'm so sorry that her life has been so painful ... no woman should have to go through those feelings of inadequacy that she was feeling," she says.

Ms McHugh and Baden-Clay's three-and-half year affair began when he was her boss at a Brisbane real estate agency in August 2008.

A jury found Baden-Clay guilty on July 15 of killing Allison and dumping her body under a bridge 13 kilometres from their Brisbane home two years ago.

Ms McHugh said she had once dreamt of a life with Baden-Clay and arranging shared custody of his children.

A promotion story for the magazine has met with little sympathy for Ms McHugh or the magazine.

Jenni Lange wrote: "After all the strong, wonderful women you have had on your cover, you denigrate your magazine, by having a lying deceitful woman, whom surely must take some responsibility for the outcome of her so called affair.

"She is also managing to portray her as a victim in this revolting and sordid relationship.

"There are 4 victims only. Alison (sic) and 3 innocent children."

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