USEFUL TIPS: Brenda Beauchamp at The Women’s Health Centre.
USEFUL TIPS: Brenda Beauchamp at The Women’s Health Centre. Brett Mcwaters GLAHLTH

Clues on dealing with puberty blues

THERE'S no denying it.

Puberty is a tricky time - for those experiencing it, as well as parents who have to deal with the consequences. From raging hormones, to mood swings and body changes - not to mention having "the talk" - puberty is tough on everyone.

That's why Brenda Beauchamp from Women's Health Centre Gladstone offers a workshop called Puberty Clues.

"I think it's a great thing because it opens up channels of communication between parent and child," she said.

"A lot of kids already talk about these sort of issues at school, but may not address them with their own parents."

Puberty Clues encourages mums whose daughters are facing puberty to attend the workshops as a pair.

Then, in a no-frills way, they discuss everything from changing body shapes to the onset of menstruation.

"It's important for young women going through puberty to realise it's not just happening to them," Ms Beauchamp said.

"Every single woman that they see in the street has been through it as well."

Ms Beauchamp said one of the most important things to address with pre-teens about to go through puberty was how to deal with their evolving emotions.

"It's a daunting time, and they've obviously never experienced these sort of hormonal emotions before," she said.

"We talk to girls about how they can demonstrate their unhappiness. To use words instead of tantrums or keeping it all locked up.

"We also tell their parents to be mindful of what a difficult time it is and to cut them some slack."

For those who may not want to attend a workshop, Ms Beauchamp said it's best for parents to approach the situation in a practical way.

"Start at the supermarket. Talk about what certain products are used for and why," she said.

To register for the next Puberty Clues workshop, phone 4979 1456.

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