Gift ideas take flight

Rob Devalter shows off the i-helicopter for
Rob Devalter shows off the i-helicopter for "the man that has everything".

FOR the cashed-up bloke that's got everything, what is there to buy him at Christmas?

It's a question that plagues families, friends, wives and girlfriends, and more often than not, leaves them bald as they pull their hair out, strand by strand, searching for that elusive perfect present.

Well, here's the man speak- a 26CC petrol powered engine, a 3.5m wingspan plane racking up speeds of about 300km, and nitro versus electric engine.

That's the terms that come with the "ants pants" of hobby toys offered at Central Western Communications.

"They're hard, fast and fun," owner Anna Grant said.

"They're very popular with the men."

The new HPI Baja 5B retails for around $1500, but they reach speeds of 80km when the petrol engine reaches its peak, and the sheer joy on the bloke's face says it all.

But perhaps the latest gadget making sales figures this year is the i-helicopter.

All that is needed is an i-Phone, the app available from the i-Tunes, and the $69.95 helicopter from CWC.

They don't have the same strength as the bigger, meaner and tougher model helicopters also available from the store, but they are sure to keep the men entertained as they can pilot it from the comfort of their lounge rooms through the bluetooth camera in the nose of the helicopter.

But it's not just a toy - it can open up a new hobby and a lifestyle for blokes as they gather they thousands of dollars worth of aircraft and cars, meet with the lads around town, and put the throttle into overdrive.

"There's a model aeroplane club that meets regularly and competitions around the state," Anna said.

"There's also a range of models that are great for kids to get involved in that can take it further as they get more interested and move to the bigger models."

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