Owner of Radford & Siebuhr florist Barbara Berghofer (left) and Jamie Peteri make arrangements for every celebratory occasion.
Owner of Radford & Siebuhr florist Barbara Berghofer (left) and Jamie Peteri make arrangements for every celebratory occasion. Bev Lacey

Gifts add a special touch

THOSE events in life which make your nearest and dearest proud or joyful - or both - often happen when you've got plenty on your mind.

A new job, a new home, a promotion, a birth or an engagement are just some of the landmarks in our lives worthy of a celebratory gift.

If you get one, it's a sign that you should stop and smell the roses (or the lilies) or savour the flavour of a glass (or two) of a special drop because you've achieved something truly outstanding.

And if you're looking for a gift to give that will stop someone in their tracks, it's hard to beat flowers.

Bold and beautiful, there's a floral gift to suit every occasion.

They can be symbolic, spectacular, surprising or all three, as Toowoomba florist Barbara Berghofer of Radford & Siebuhr says.

"These days you'll often have the groom send a big bunch of red roses on the morning of the wedding which is a lovely surprise for the bride."

Mrs Berghofer said red roses are still the favourite for anything romance related with anniversaries in particular being the occasion for a bunch of 20, 30 or more to match the anniversary year.

However a single stem - a rose or a gerbera for instance - can carry all the meaning that's required without breaking the bank.

And if you're looking for impact, the fragrance and beautiful bloom of the oriental lily is hard to beat and is available in white, pale to deep pink and lemon.

"They're a spectacular and elegant flower."

Flowers can also be representative and are often given as a housewarming gift.

"If a relative or friend would love to be at a housewarming but can't, they may send a lovely big arrangement to let that person know they are being thought of in their new home."

When it comes to congratulatory gifts, babies steal the show.

Pinks are popular for mums and baby girls, with a touch of blue being added if the flowers are for a baby boy.

Teddy bears are a popular addition to arrangements for new arrivals.

"They give that little something to keep that often becomes a special treasure as the child grows."


Other gift ideas

Chocolates: Great to eat, great to share.

Food: Gourmet cakes, nuts or confectionery.

Jewellery: Eternity rings for a special anniversary, or to the mother when her first child is born. Bracelets and earrings work well for her (and him if he's into bling). Cuff links are good for the traditionalist.

Pens: Ideal for the practical him or her.

Photo frame: Works well if the event is tied to a photo opportunity e.g graduation.

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