ANOTHER car full of teenagers. Another life cut too short. Another devastated family.

A lack of driver experience has been blamed for the death of a 17-year-old girl in a horror car crash at Landsborough yesterday afternoon.

She was sitting in the back seat of a Suzuki Cino when the small car careered off Old Caloundra Rd about 2pm and smashed into two trees.

The girl bore the brunt of the impact and died almost instantly.

Police said the first person on the scene attempted to administer first aid.

A 15-year-old boy, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, walked away largely unscathed with minor injuries to his ankle.

Skid marks etched into the gravel road showed signs where the 17-year-old driver attempted to swerve before the impact.

Police on the scene of a fatal crash at Landsborough which killed a 17 year old girl.
Police on the scene of a fatal crash at Landsborough which killed a 17 year old girl. John Mccutcheon

She remained pinned between the seat and the dash while firefighters worked for more than an hour using hydraulic cutting equipment to free her from the wreckage.

The medivac helicopter landed with plans to airlift the two surviving teenagers, but they were instead taken to Nambour General Hospital in a stable condition.

Police appeared rattled by the horrific scene as they investigated the circumstances surrounding the crash.

"A combination of driver error, lack of experience, speed and the conditions at the time unfortunately resulted in the death of a passenger in that vehicle," acting Senior Sergeant Nev Horneman said.

"It's a waste of life really, but this is unfortunately something we see on a regular basis.

"People just aren't getting the message that yes, you may have graduated from school, and yes, you may have your licence, but you need experience to drive in a manner that allows you to negotiate roads of this nature safely and unfortunately today this didn't happen."

Police are yet to release any details of the deceased girl or the other people in the car at the time.

The fatality follows the tragic death of 17-year-old Hope Dell, who was with other teenagers in a car which veered off Caloundra Rd just before Christmas.


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