Court for girl who ate stolen meat

A TEENAGE girl cooked and ate meat despite knowing it was stolen in a break-in, a Bundaberg court heard yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said 17-year-old Laura May Rose Conway was with a group of people who broke into a house in July.

He said the group ransacked the house, stealing jewellery, electrical goods, clothing, and a scooter — as well as meat from the freezer.

Police caught up with the group when one of them later tried to pawn some of the jewellery, but only a ring and the scooter were recovered.

“She ate some of the meat that was later cooked... she said she knew it was wrong,” Sgt Stevens said.

Barrister Simon Burgess said his client had been drinking with friends, when one girl decided to break into a house because she knew its owners were away.

“It was not (Conway’s) idea... she went along to see what happened,” he said.

“She admits her actions could be construed as active encouragement of the offences.”

Conway pleaded guilty to breaking into a home and failing to appear for an earlier court date — an offence which her defence said was due to naivety and her previous inexperience with the court system.

Magistrate Jennifer Batts said while Conway had no criminal history, she should be more careful who she associated with to avoid further run-ins with the law.

“Certainly you are likely to cease this behaviour and choose your friends and acquaintances more carefully in the future,” she said.

She convicted and fined Conway $150 for failing to appear at court, and handed down a $500 good behaviour bond and $250 restitution to pay. No convictions were recorded.

Two other people have been charged in relation to the break-in.

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