Girls prepare for life after school

THREE Emerald girls have proven hard work and dedication pays off.

Hannah Crook, Erin Puckering and Lalitha Newman have each earned an Overall Position 2, meaning they are ranked among the best and brightest in Queensland.

And for all three, it is a well-earned reward.

"It's absolutely fantastic. I'm very excited to have all the stress over," 17-year-old Lalitha said.

"I enjoyed high school, I enjoyed studying and learning, which was fantastic, but the stress of QCS wasn't all that fun."

With a view of pursuing a medical or musical career through university, Lalitha said she was taking a gap year to finish her Letters in Piano before making the giant leap into tertiary studies.

Erin will also take a year off before she takes up studying either engineering or physics. "I was pretty happy and excited to find out I got a two," Erin said.

"It's what I was hoping for, and it means I will be able to study what I want."

But for Hannah, her jubilation was delayed for two days after she forgot her password for the website that would either bring tears of joy or sorrow.

Fortunately she was able to get access to the website early Monday morning and discover she had received the same OP score as fellow Emerald High School student Erin.

For Hannah, a double degree in engineering and commerce at the University of Queensland is on the cards with a view of a career in the mines.

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