Gladstone Magistrate's Court.
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Gladstone man targets girlfriend's ex in 30-person fight

IN A street fight involving more than 30 people, Brian Lewis McPherson had his eyes on only one person.

The 35-year-old Gladstone man pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to three charges, including one count of committing a public nuisance offence, one count of affray and one count of breaching bail conditions.

McPherson's offending involved his current girlfriend's ex-partner; the pair did not get along and were constantly causing trouble for each other.

The offending started on November 23 last year when McPherson was in his vehicle, parked in Goondoon St, only a few metres away from the victim.

McPherson could hear the man in an argument while his children were in the back seat. He jumped out of his car and walked towards the victim, slapping the man's car on the bonnet and shouting at him to get out.

"Come on c**t", he repeatedly shouted.


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The victim remained in his car while McPherson continued to hurl abuse.

The police were called and McPherson was arrested.

It was only a week later on November 30 that the pair had another run-in, but this time it involved about 30 other people.

McPherson was driving his vehicle after stopping at the Night Owl Centre in Gladstone when he came across a massive street fight on Rosella St.

Among the crowd of people he was able to make out a familiar face: his partner's ex.

McPherson decided to take advantage of the fight to fuel his own feud against the man.

Police were alerted to the fight after receiving reports of people yelling and swearing at each other on the street.

When they arrived on scene, officers had to physically restrain a number of people and make multiple arrests, forcing those involved to sit down on the ground.

The victim had been arrested and was sitting on the road, McPherson saw this as his chance.

He walked over and punched the victim in the head three times, before getting arrested himself.

McPherson was released on bail on the condition he was not to approach the victim, which he did the very next day, right outside the police station, where they had a loud, abusive argument.

McPherson was arrested again.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said her client was actually trying to avoid the victim, however they always seemed to run into each other.

She said the victim was constantly trying to antagonise her client, so when he saw the victim in the street fight he had a "brain-snap".

Magistrate Melanie Ho imposed a $1000 fine with no conviction recorded.

McPherson also faced the court on one count of stealing but entered a plea of not guilty and intends to take the charge to trial.

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