BIZARRE BURGLARY: Georgia Olivia Davidson, 18, said she can 't remember stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods.
BIZARRE BURGLARY: Georgia Olivia Davidson, 18, said she can 't remember stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods. Sarah Barnham

Teen caught on CCTV in bizarre stealing spree

"IF THAT'S what the CCTV cameras are showing then I must have done it."

Those were the words of an 18-year-old Gladstone teen after she was caught stealing goods worth thousands of dollars at Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore.

But Georgia Olivia Davidson, who pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday to six counts of stealing, said she did not remember stealing a thing.

Police prosecutor Balan Selvadurai said Davidson entered the Plaza on December 13 and stole goods from a number of shops.

The court heard she stole $456.70 worth of jewellery and products from Lovisa, $662.85 of clothing from Factorie, $384 in hair products from Hairhouse Warehouse, $1046 in items from Specsavers, and $69.20 worth of groceries and an additional $478 of hair and beauty products from Coles.

Mr Selvadurai said that because Davidson was caught on CCTV or by staff members of the stores, most items were returned, except for a $299 pair of glasses from Specsavers and about $80 in clothing from Factorie.

Both businesses sought restitution.

Defence lawyer Axel Beard labelled the offending as "bizarre'' as his client did not remember stealing a single item.

Mr Beard said his client suffered from a mental health disorder from drug use and the traumatic loss of a close friend in a house fire years ago.

He said his client had only just been released from a mental health facility before the offences.

"She doesn't recall doing it, but in a statement to police she said if it is what the cameras caught her doing, then she must have," he said.

"Strangely, in the CCTV footage you can see she isn't trying to be sneaky about it. For example, at Coles she stacks a trolley full of items and just walks out - she doesn't try to hide what she is doing."

Mr Beard said that after committing the offences Davidson was admitted back to the mental health facility, and was only released in mid-January.

He said she began taking drugs after her sister's best friend died in a house fire and as a result now suffers from manic psychosis and depression.

However, the court heard that Davidson regularly volunteers her time with the St John Ambulance service in Gladstone and helps out at events.

Her mother, who attended court in support of her daughter, wrote in a submission to the court that Davidson was no longer taking drugs and was being looked after in a stable family environment.

And starting today, she was enrolled in a business course that would help her in finding a job.

Davidson was ordered to pay the outstanding restitution to the businesses she stole from and placed on probation, which included mandatory counselling.

No conviction was recorded.

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