FILE PHOTO: Car on fire.
FILE PHOTO: Car on fire. Contributed

Woman lights boyfriend's car on fire, smashes work car

A GLADSTONE man has discovered hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, after his girlfriend unleashed a world of hurt on two of his cars.

The woman, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty in the Gladstone Magistrates Court to one count of a breach of a domestic violence order.

At 8pm on March 14, the defendant and the aggrieved, her boyfriend, got into a fight when she was told to leave the house.

She told her boyfriend to open his work car, a Nissan Navara, so she could grab some belongings from it.

When he refused, she walked over to the work car and took a whipper snipper from the back tray.

Using its motor side, she slammed the whipper snipper into the car door, smashed the side and front window, dented the roof and tore off a side mirror.

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Deciding she was done with that vehicle, she dropped the whipper snipper and walked towards the garage and picked up a fuel tank and poured it all over the aggrieved's personal car, a Toyota Hilux.

Still not done, she walked inside, got a cigarette and a lighter, went back to the garage and lit a smoke.

She told her boyfriend to open his car so she could get her things, or she would set the Hilux on fire.

When he refused, the pair got into a loud, abusive fight where she pressed her lighter up against the car in an attempt to ignite it.

When it failed to light, the aggrieved pushed the woman backwards and in the struggle she threw her phone at his head.

He caught it and threw it out onto the street and when she ran to grab it, he gave the Hilux keys to his dad in a bid to get the car away from her.

Seeing this, the woman grabbed the fuel drum and poured it all over the work car and this time, successfully set it on fire.

The flames grew to twice the height of the vehicle before the aggrieved had time to run inside and grab a fire extinguisher and put it out.

The police arrived on scene and noted that the defendant was drunk.

She was arrested and released on bail.

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Defence lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said her 36-year-old client was the sole carer for her child.

She said her client was trying to get her daughter's belongings from inside the car and became furious when she was refused.

Ms Ditchfield said while her client's behaviour was 'extremely childish' the aggrieved made no attempt to calm the situation.

She said before the argument, the aggrieved had hit her client, grabbed her by the throat and threw her to the ground.

Magistrate Melanie Ho sentenced the woman to serve an 18-month probation order.

A conviction was not recorded.

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