Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson

Glittering interlude stages scene

IN 1785, poet Robert Burns wrote his immortal words "the best laid plans of mice and men" in a poem to a mouse.

More than 226 years later, people still use that line, usually to describe things going wrong.

In 2012 the Fairy G (self) in Cinderella at Indee Theatre could have used that line during my part as I explained last week.

At the risk of repeating myself, I had an interesting chain of events unfold in between shows last Sunday at Eumundi.

As usual on stage the Fairy got most things wrong, like trying to change a pumpkin into six white horses and a coach but ending up with mice instead.

Off stage he thought he had a well-laid plan, but of course he was wrong.

The Fairy decided that in-between shows, while the cast and crew were resting and refreshing, he would go to the Eumundi Pool and swim a couple of kilometres. The plan was that while he was swimming, he wouldn't be eating and the admission fee of a few dollars would be the only money spent.

Then he would be tired but refreshed for the second show.

So off he goes, but he had not calculated due to the heatwave that the pool would be full of kids cooling off.

Because he is not a particularly sociable fairy and likes a lane to himself, he aborts the pool idea and decides to go back into town to get a salad sandwich.

The Fig Tree Cafe has a nice menu but no salad sandwich so he went for something similar - a bowl of beer battered chips with a tomato relish for $7.50.

While he was waiting and sipping on his mineral water that looked remarkably like a bottle of Coke, he struck up a conversation with the people at the table beside him who knew the Fairy's brother etc.

The Fairy had no idea who they were and that eventually caused an uncomfortable silence before they left with puzzled looks.

Then the chips arrived and the confused Fairy then realised why they were $7.50 as it was massive.

While this was going on, two foreign tourists arrived and stared at the Fairy while he was eating the chips and promising himself that he would stop about halfway so he could fit back into his tutu later. Of course, he didn't eat the lot and was applauded by the tourists for whatever "magnificent effort" is in broken English/German.

The confused Fairy then went across to Joe's Waterhole and backed some very slow horses that never delivered - a bit like the six white ones in the panto - and then headed back to the theatre to find that he still had glitter all over his face.

As they say "the best laid plans…..".

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