Wiebe Wakker with the Jenkinson family as he made his way through Emerald Monday.
Wiebe Wakker with the Jenkinson family as he made his way through Emerald Monday. Contributed

Globetrotter proving electric car a reliable option

WIEBE Wakker has spent the past two and a half years travelling the world, showing the reliability of electric cars.

Leaving the Netherlands on March 15, 2016, Mr Wakker kick-started Plug Me In, a purpose-driven adventure with an aim to educate, inspire and accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future.

With Sydney as his destination, Mr Wakker headed off in an electric car, the Blue Bandit, to do his part by showing that electric cars are just as reliable as their fossil-fuel powered cousins.

Mr Wakker said the idea for Plug Me In came from his passion to travel.

"I wanted to travel again but this time I wanted to have a goal for myself - a purpose,” he said.

"My mother always taught me about the environment and to reduce your own footprint. I wanted to do something with that.

"A few years ago we started talking about electric cars and that was something I found interesting. Electric cars are only a small solution in the big environmental problem that we have.

"The uptake of electric cars is slow, so I thought maybe I could travel around the world in an electric car to prove the reliability of electric vehicles and they can cover long distances. I find that is the deterring factor behind people not wanting to go with electric cars.”

Mr Wakker travels the world without money and relies on the kindness of supporters, like Emerald man Peter Jenkinson and his family.

"People go to my website and either offer a meal, a place to sleep or electricity for the car,” he said.

"All the offers form the route to Sydney.

"I have criss-crossed around 33 countries and done 82,000km so far and try to engage with organisations, people and initiatives in the field of sustainability to hear their vision, challenges and solutions to tackle the climate problem.”

He believes everyone can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Peter Jenkins said he saw what Mr Wakker was doing and thought it was a brilliant idea and something he wanted to support.

"I put my name down on his website thinking there was no way he would stop here in Emerald and he did,” he said. "I was definitely surprised.

"It was just something I thought would be excellent to be part of. I can look back on it and think I was part of this little journey he was doing.

"I really enjoy reading about electric cars and I know they are going to be the future.”

For more information, go to plugmeinproject.com

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