Last year’s Kidd St Christmas light displays had delighted onlookers walking the length of the street.
Last year’s Kidd St Christmas light displays had delighted onlookers walking the length of the street.

Glow returns to damaged Kidd St

KIDD St has come a long way since resembling a disaster zone at the start of the year, but this month it will be glowing in all its glory once again.

Residents have spent the past few weeks getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating their lawns and houses with lights and all sorts of festive fun.

Last night the street lit up for the first time and ex-Kidd St resident Peter Haylock said it was a very exciting time of the year.

Beryl Callaghan and Peter started getting the street involved in the Kidd St Christmas lights about five years ago.

Despite the floods earlier this year, Peter said there was never any doubt the lights would make the street sparkle again this year.

"People in Kidd St share a special bond because of the lights," he said.

"It creates great friendships and spirit between the people. We all went through the floods together as well and people were helping one another out with that great community spirit."

While Peter moved from the street to Saville St a couple of months ago, he said lights would definitely still be going up on his rental property.

"We have left lights for the people living in our house to put up," he said.

"We sort of had a little bit of a joke with them that they had to put the lights up or we wouldn't renew their lease," he added with a laugh.

And just because he has moved on from the area doesn't mean Peter won't be dressing his new home up with some lights as well.

"It gets very addictive, the best part is seeing all the kids' faces light up," he said.

"I'm still a Kidd St resident at heart, it's sort of something that never leaves you."

Kelly Uhr from Central Highlands Regional Council Community Recovery said Kidd St was an excellent example of how communities get together to rebound after a disaster.

"Kidd St is a community recovery project and the Central Highlands Regional Council is aware of how integral the lights are for the street," she said.

"This is our support for them to say that we can recover. Kidd St is pretty special because the entire street lights up, it's a special time."

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