Hedgehog slice with cherry ripe
Hedgehog slice with cherry ripe

Go the whole hog

NOTHING brings on a big dose of nostalgia the way that tuckshop food does.

In fact, my love of food could clearly be seen back in my school- days when out of all of the committees I could have put my hand up for, I chose the canteen committee (along with magazine committee of course).

I would head along to meetings and throw out suggestions about what the canteen should sell.

The tuckshop convener Shirl loved me because I had great manners.

She ran a tight ship and could be regularly heard calling out to students "now you get back here and say thank you to Mrs Smith".

Shirl took on my suggestion about yogurt but she always refused when I asked if we could get chocolate bars and Coke - the community of Stanthorpe had boycotted the cola drink about 10 years before so I grew up on Golden Circle and Pepsi.

We had clear favourites at our tuckshop - chocolate hedgehog slice, chicken fillet burgers and giant spring rolls.

Heading to the tuckshop in primary school is also etched clearly in my memory.

Every day in Years 1-7 I would get my Vegemite roll for big lunch and a piece of bun loaf and fruit for little lunch.

I am still haunted by the time, in about Year 4, whoever was supposed to donate the Vegemite that term had clearly sent in Promite - which I count among my food nemeses - and the tuckshop ladies continued to pass it off as Vegemite.

I've added Cherry Ripe to this hedgehog slice but you could use a whole range of things - from marshmallow to chocolate biscuits.


Hedgehog slice with cherry ripe

Makes 10 pieces



½ packet of milk coffee biscuits

1 Cherry Ripe, diced into small cubes

120g unsalted butter

120g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla paste or extract

2 heaped tbs cocoa powder

1 egg, beaten



Melt butter and sugar together in a saucepan over a low-medium heat while stirring.

When butter is fully melted and sugar has dissolved, add cocoa and stir.

When combined, add in egg and mix through. Take off heat as soon as mixture starts to bubble.

Meanwhile, in a small plastic sandwich bag, crush biscuits into various sized pieces.

Stir biscuits and Cherry Ripe through chocolate butter mix until coated.

Press into shallow tray lined with baking paper. Refrigerate until cold and set.

Slice and serve.


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