Wider appeal: The Alfa Romeo MiTo is expected to garner more interest with an automatic transmission.
Wider appeal: The Alfa Romeo MiTo is expected to garner more interest with an automatic transmission.

Going on auto pilot

ITALIAN carmaker Alfa Romeo is expecting big things from its pocket rocket MiTo, with the arrival of an all-new twin clutch gearbox.

“This gearbox could not be better suited to Australian driving conditions,” said Andrei Zaitzev, general manager for Alfa Romeo in Australia.

“It has the look and feel of a traditional automatic gearbox, from its park/reverse/neutral/drive gear lever to how it ‘creeps' on idle, yet at the same time it has the performance and fuel consumption of an equivalent manual gearbox and, when called upon, responds with the speed and dynamism of a manual gearbox.

“Add in the fact that it also has the latest version of the award-winning MultiAir engine and the fuel saving stop start system and it is clearly a technical tour de force. Indeed, the only other car that combines this type of transmission and stop start technology sits at the other end of the market from the MiTo.”

The new MiTo TCT's gearbox in concept consists of two gearboxes working in parallel, each with its own clutch. This allows the selection and engagement of the new gear while the previous one is still engaged. The gear is, therefore, changed with a simple gradual switch of the corresponding clutches, guaranteeing continuous power and torque delivery and, therefore, no gap in delivery as the gear is changed.

Alfa says the result is driving comfort and a sporty feeling well above that offered by conventional torque converter-equipped automatic transmissions.

Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 10 per cent compared to a traditional automatic hydraulic transmission with torque converter, a result that is further enhanced by the stop/start system. Twenty-three new patents were given to Fiat Powertrain Technology for its design.

The new 99kW 1.4 MultiAir engine guarantees the Alfa Romeo MiTo all the performance and temperament of a sporty, well-balanced car.

Its top speed is 207km/h and it will accelerate from standstill to 100kmh in 8.2 seconds are at the very top of the city car category.

Alfa Romeo MiTo


MiTo TCT$31,990

MiTo TCT Sport$34,990

MiTo QV$34,990

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