CUT IT: Torch Glidden will shave off his long red hair and beard for World's Greatest Shave.
CUT IT: Torch Glidden will shave off his long red hair and beard for World's Greatest Shave. Contributed

Going to great lengths for cancer charity

EMERALD refrigeration mechanic Torch Glidden has decided to lose his long red hair for the World's Greatest Shave.

"I have had the hair for long enough and decided it was time for it to go,” he said.

"The deal that I have got going right now is, no matter what, all the hair is going.

"If I get close to $10,000, which is my target, the beard is getting shaved off as well. I've got a fairly long beard at the moment.”

Mr Glidden has so far raised a grand total of $3929, which is $6000 shy of his goal but still an amazing achievement.

"I am fairly happy with the way it has progressed so far,” he said.

"We have a couple of cash tins out and about and a couple of raffles going at the moment, they are still yet to be counted.

"I was planning a lot more advertising than what I have been able to do, but work has been fairly hectic this year.

"We are going along all right and I am happy with what we have achieved.”

This is the first time MrGlidden is participating in the World's Greatest Shave.

"I think everyone, whether it is family or friends, have been touched by someone with cancer, so that is why I decided to help raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation,” he said.

"Quite a number of years ago my mother had breast cancer and a lot of friends of mine, along with members of their families, have all gone through it.

"I think everyone has had family and friends that have been touched by cancer, so it is quite important to help where we can.

"Any money I raise helps with the research and helps at aiding families going through cancer.

"At the end of the day, every dollar helps.”

He said his friends and family had been very supportive of his decision.

"Everyone is quite keen to see it happen,” he said.

"It will be quite a surprise for them because I have had long hair for 23 years and I have had the beard for quite a few years now.

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit nervous, but it is for a good cause so I am prepared. Hair will grow back eventually.”

Mr Glidden will shave off his hair for the World's Greatest Shave at Maraboon Tavern on Saturday, March17.

To donate, go online to, click on 'Sponsor' and search for Torch Glidden.

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