Iris Temperley’s daughter, Kerry Bickle, holds a photograph of her mother, who was murdered on Australia Day last year, outside the court.
Iris Temperley’s daughter, Kerry Bickle, holds a photograph of her mother, who was murdered on Australia Day last year, outside the court. Chris Ison

Life sentence for granny killer

"I WOULD hope no other family has to go through what our family has gone through, but I know this will not be the case."

This was the chilling warning yesterday from Alan Temperley, son of murdered 82-year-old Rockhampton woman, Iris Temperley.

It came after Justice Duncan McMeekin sentenced David Samuel Aubrey Ray to life in prison for one count of murder and two counts of rape, plus 15 years for the burglary at Mrs Temperley's house; two years for a hotel break and enter; three for burglary at another residence and one month for trespass.

Ray, 20, pleaded guilty to all offences committed on Australia Day last year.

His offending started at the Leichhardt Hotel, moved on to Mrs Temperley's George St residence, and then more stealing offences were committed at another location.

Crown prosecutor Michael Cowen told the Supreme Court in Rockhampton yesterday Ray, when interviewed by police, could barely recal elbowing Mrs Temperley in the face to make her unconscious, kicking her and particularly kicking her in the head.

"Although this may be the end of the trial it is not the end for the family who have to live each day without their mother. But (we) will have to live each day with the knowledge of the horrendous pain and suffering she endured at the hands of this murderer," Alan said.

A tearful Mrs Temperley's family, when leaving the court house, revealed the pain of knowing their beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother experienced a horrendous, painful and undignified death.

In handing down the sentence, Justice McMeekin said the facts of the case were appalling.

"The victim was a frail elderly lady of 82 years," he said.

"You murdered her by causing injuries which caused her death some days later.

"The injuries Mrs Temperley suffered were appalling.

"The doctors were unable to stop the bleeding.

"Fortunately, she did not regain consciousness after your attack."

Mrs Temperley's elder sister Doreen Shuh, who came to Rockhampton from Bundaberg for the sentencing said: "I'm glad it is over."



  • Ray caught on CCTV after breaking into Leichhardt Hotel at 2.30am on January 26, 2010
  • Ray parties through the night
  • Mark Booth, Mrs Temperley's neighbour, spots her raking leaves in her backyard - her usual routine - about 8am
  • About 40 minutes later, Mr Booth sees what he first thinks is a man lying in Mrs Temperley's backyard on a mattress. It was in fact Ray on top of Mrs Temperley.
  • Mrs Temperley suffered numerous injuries to the face, skull, ribs and genitals, along with bruising to various parts of her body.
  • Mr Booth calls out and Ray takes off over the back fence, with a 30cm long fire extinguisher from Mrs Temperley's kitchen
  • Ray breaks into another residence down the lane, stealing food, alcohol and a $3000 gold ring.
  • Ray trespasses on a nearby property, moving an object in the yard.

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