A raging Lockyer Creek at Gatton.
A raging Lockyer Creek at Gatton.

Grantham flood inquiry: locals discussed quarry flood impact


A FATHER who hastily threw his children and pets into their vehicle to escape the overflowing Lockyer Creek has told the Grantham flood inquiry parts of his property were 150mL under water when his family tried to leave.

Jonathan Sippel moved to Grantham in 2005 and one corner of his property was walking distance from the creek.

He said before the January 10, 2011 flood which killed 12 people he had never seen the Lockyer Creek break its banks.

Mr Sippel said he warned other family members in the area about the flooded creek.

He said at the time he and another local discussed their concerns about the impact the quarry would have on flooding their blocks of land. 


12:00 PM: Grantham flood inquest: Woman feared she would drown

A WOMAN who was trapped in a ute by rising "black, filthy" water during the 2011 Grantham floods has told an inquiry into the disaster she feared she would drown.

Frances Ann Arndt gave evidence in Gatton on the second day of the inquiry into the flooding of the Lockyer Creek between Helidon and Grantham, west of Brisbane.

She and her husband were trying to escape the flood in their Toyota Hilux when the water hit the front of the vehicle and went over the windscreen.

They could not open the doors because of the power of the rising water, but were able to escape through the ute's windows.

The couple clung to trees in the floodwater until they were saved by a helicopter.

The inquiry will consider the impacts of man-made and natural features of the landscape on the flooding, including the Grantham quarry, and how eyewitness accounts were handled.

There was backlash in the community when the first inquiry into the flood found the quarry did not have a material impact on the flooding.

Some residents and Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor Steve Jones requested the State Government commission a new inquiry after the conclusions were handed down in 2012.

The Newman government refused, but Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk in May this year commissioned a new inquiry.

It is expected to run for five weeks, with the first two weeks to hear from eyewitnesses and weeks three and four to include expert testimony.

A report must be given to the Premier by August 31.


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