Talented performer Scott Kuhn, aka Great Scott.
Talented performer Scott Kuhn, aka Great Scott. Brett Wortman

Great Scott, it's a gift

SCOTT Kuhn has always considered himself "a bit of a clown".

But it took a workplace accident when he was a carpenter for him to realise his true calling in life.

"I fell three metres from a window on to a ladder," he said.

"That's when I realised carpentry wasn't what I truly wanted to do.

"I said to the guys I was working with, 'I'm not coming back'.

"I decided to pursue my performance dream and was one of the very first students to enroll at Total Theatre in Western Australia."

Scott realised he had a gift when he noticed the reaction to his performances at children's parties.

"People would say that I was the best they'd ever seen," he said.

"I was honestly surprised because I never had a plan and I didn't think I really knew what I was doing. I was just going with the flow."

Sunshine Coast residents and visitors know him these days as comedy juggler Great Scott, whose "hair-brows" are his signature look.

The two skinny blond strips on the sides of his otherwise bald head, coupled with his crazy colourful outfits and big clown shoes, have proved popular with kids and adults alike.

At his regular gigs at markets, in character shows and cabaret stage performances as well as other major events around the Coast, Great Scott enthralls audiences with his array of juggling feats using knives and fire.

Though he has performed at such cultural icons as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, Durham Festival in England, and the Malaysian Matta Fair, he still calls the Sunshine Coast home.

He says that while he loves to travel, one of his favourite places to perform is Caloundra Bulcock St Markets on a Sunday because of the atmosphere.

This month, Great Scott and his colleagues Claire and Nikki performed in a vaudeville variety show called The Great Follies Weekend at The Indee Theatre, Eumundi.

Theatre president John Burls said the show had been a huge success.

"We wanted some really visual acts because vaudeville needs to speak for itself," John said.

"Scott's act delivered. They brought the house down.

"Some performers can be a bit difficult to work with, but Scott's just one of those people who can come in and do anything with a really good attitude."

And Great Scott thoroughly enjoyed working on stage in front of a captive live audience, branching out into mime and acting.

"It was a bit different to what I normally do and I really enjoyed that," he said.

"I would love to explore that a little more in my performances."

Great Scott's inspiration for his acts is the late "Grandfather of Circus" Reg Bolton. Bolton was a circus academic, teacher and performer who used his passion for performance to transform the lives of young people, running youth circus workshops in the UK and Australia.

"My favourite part about what I do is seeing the audience come together," Great Scott said of his performances.

"After watching one of my shows, they have laughed together and it's as if they have a special bond. It's an amazing feeling for me to be able to do that."


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