An epic catch by a Pottsville man has been praised by England cricket great Paul Collingwood.
An epic catch by a Pottsville man has been praised by England cricket great Paul Collingwood.

'Greatest' 20/20 catch in history by Pottsville man

A POTTSVILLE man has bowled his idol over by catching a ball during a 20/20 match in what has been labelled by some as the 'greatest crowd catch ever'.

In seeminlgy effortless choreography, Nathan Wilson connected with the ball when Nathan Reardon hit a six during the Brisbane heat innings against the Adelaide Strikers at the Gabba on Sunday.

Mr Wilson described the moment, which was captured on live television and screened to millions, as "magic".

"It was kind of breath-taking," he said.

"I wasn't expecting anything like that.

"I seen it come over, I stuck the paw out and it went straight into my hand.

"It was just one of those things, it was so surreal it just happened so fast."

Although narrowly missing out on a home entertainment unit by not catching the ball in his fried chicken bucket, Mr Wilson was beaming with pride that retired England great Paul Collingwood has mentioned him on Twitter.

"Seen three of the best catches. One from a West Indian, an athletic Aussie and the best from a huge bloke with a bucket on his head," Mr Collingwood tweeted last night.

Murwillumbah Football Club was also quick to praise their Senior Mens Goalkeeper, labelling the 24-year old's catch as "the best crowd catch ever taken".

While Pottsville Cricket Club president Oscar Van Megchelen said good teamwork contributed to Mr Wilson's success.

"The team trains very very hard under coach Jayden Hoare.

"Nathan is an exceptional athlete and has great hands and definitely knows how to celebrate.

"We were really proud of him, except for when one newspaper said he was from Lismore."



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