Green groups are causing frustration.
Green groups are causing frustration.

Resource sector frustrated by green group delays

A LANDHOLDER, a government minister and a resources company finally agree on something - green groups are getting in the way of resource development.

Sean Dillon, of Surbiton Station, said he was not opposed to environmental challenges if they were filed by people local to the issue.

"When those people don't live here, you've really got to struggle to see what they are doing," he said.

"They aren't benefiting anyone locally.

"It's immensely frustrating."

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps, in Emerald this week for the ResourcesQ industry conference, agreed non-local objectors were "an issue".

"It's an enormous concern for the industry," Mr Cripps said. "But it should also be a concern for communities in which resource projects may be held up."

He said employment and community development opportunities could be lost due to green groups based outside the area increasing costs and delaying development.

GVK Hancock is currently battling Coast and Country Association of Queensland.

They have taken issue with the Alpha coal mine in the Galilee Basin to the Supreme Court.

GVK manager of corporate affairs Josh Euler said court cases were hindering development.

"It is disappointing that anti-mining activists want to continue taking us to court to defend legitimate approvals, rather than allowing us to initiate one of the most significant pieces of regional and economic development our state has seen for decades," Mr Euler said.

But Lock the Gate Alliance Central Queensland co-ordinator Ellie Smith said the court process was imperative to achieve fair results and not only locals should be allowed to contribute.

"These projects don't just impact on the landholder in the mining lease, they impact on the whole state," Ms Smith said.

"The interests of the broader community should be taken into account as well, so for third parties like landcare groups and environment groups."

Mr Cripps said new legislation had been tabled in Parliament to attempt to curb the problem.

"(It will) start the reform process to try to narrow the opportunity for frivolous and vexatious challenges through changes to the notification and objections process," he said.


ResourcesQ workshop

Aims to help shape a 30-year vision for the resources sector to drive growth and create jobs in Queensland.

Identified themes and issues in the region from resource companies.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps attended.

Emerald on Wednesday, also run in Roma, Gladstone and Mt Isa.


GVK Hancock case

Regards: Alpha coal mine.

Background: The Land Court recommended the State Government either refuse the project or allow it to proceed with strict conditions.

Green group Coast and Country Association of Queensland took the issue to the Supreme Court.


Lock the Gate Alliance

Not directly involved in any current court cases.

Vocal about issues in Central Queensland, including GVK Hancock developments.

Aims to support local communities and fight for environmental rights.

Lock the Gate Alliance was incorporated in NSW in 2010 and became a registered company in 2012.


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