A set of old traffic lights is installed at Sunrise Rotary Park as part of the cycle education track.
A set of old traffic lights is installed at Sunrise Rotary Park as part of the cycle education track.

Green signals for education track

DON'T blink. They're real. Traffic lights are sprouting up all over Emerald, although the latest location begs an explanation.

The Sunrise Rotary Park secured a set of used lights from Main Roads to add a red flash of reality to the cycle education track.

Installed late last month, Sunrise Rotary secretary Col Dziewicki said the donation of the equipment, labour and design had enhanced the cycling experience for parents and children.

"It is an education facility for the young people to learn how to ride a pushbike in a protected area - what the different street signs are, what they mean and how to get use to what they are going to face on the open road," Mr Dziewicki said.

"The traffic lights have what they call a programmable logic control on them so they will be set on a 10-second cycle.

"All the goods we have down here have been retrieved from other works, but it's still a substantial donation when you think about it.

"We have been trying to pull this over the line for about five years now … any time you go down there now you see half a dozen kids with their parents sitting in the shade while they pedal all over the place.

"This is an education to make them safe on the road."

While Sunrise Rotary has only limited funds, Mr Dziewicki said a donation from BMA would help with installing more signage at the track.

A clubhouse is in the works, with Sunrise Rotary to link with the Emerald PCYC to better promote usage at the park.

The club is looking to host more community awareness functions this year.

The annual Pride of Workmanship program, where employers are encouraged to recognise some of their hard-working staff, is on again, as is the December film festival.

"The Pride of Workmanship is a good motivational tool for employers," Mr Dziewicki said.

"The film festival is aimed at kids who might not normally be able to go to the movies.

"Through sponsorship, we usually give away about 400-odd drinks and popcorn."

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