Greens promise to 'revolutionise' public transport

REGIONAL and rural Queensland public transport users are among the big winners under The Australian Greens' push to win votes ahead of the election next Saturday.

A review into regional and rural transport services; a $60 million pledge to improve bus, ferry and train services; cheaper fares; and Newstart concessions are the key components of the minor party's platform.

Launching the plan in Brisbane on Friday, Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne said the aim was to "revolutionise" the state's transport system.

Ms Milne said The Greens also wanted to abolish the controversial Transport Tertiary Concession Card and ensure the Brisbane Bus Network remained in public hands.

"Queenslanders are paying among the highest public transport fares in the world and this is the only state in the country where Newstart recipients do not receive a concession," she said.

Greens environment spokeswoman Senator Larissa Waters high fares were driving people away from trains and buses.

"Unaffordable fares have led to a huge decline in public transport usage, right when governments should be making it cheap and easy for people to leave their cars at home to commute," Ms Waters said.

"The Greens would make public transport affordable by reducing fares back to 2010 levels, and modernising zones to make it fairer and cheaper for those living outside the inner city."


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